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Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) is a foundation set up in 1947, supporting more than 4,000 humanitarian aid project requests annually in over 138 countries. Through its carefully selected project partners on the ground, ACN provides timely response to urgent needs and solidarity with our suffering brothers and sisters in various countries where freedom of belief, considered as the founding pillar of all rights, is seriously threatened and even persecuted. 

The reality of the pandemic has made us painfully aware of how little we humans can rely on our own strength, especially when not everyone is doing their part. Thanks to the generosity of benefactors from 23 countries, ACN was able to fund emergency medical and food aid for displaced persons in their own country, the provision of protective equipment for social and health care workers in remote areas, the reconstruction of buildings damaged by jihadists, as well as advocacy and legal support to recover raped young girls abducted from poor families and victimised communities in various countries. 

In November, an ACN (Malta) representation will be in Cyprus. We invite you to meet us either to discuss how you can help or even just to get to know more about the positive changes, tangible support and hope that ACN is providing to hundreds of thousands of ill-treated and persecuted persons in the
Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

“They are being tested in faith; we are being tested in love.”

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