UKRAINE, SUCCESS STORY: 10,000 Booklets with Bible verses for people suffering in the war

The The Paulists were in Izum , near Kyiv, between Kharkiv and Kramatorsk - distribution of the book. UKRAINE / NATIONAL 22/02902 Publication of the book "Bible. Fragments that strenght the soul" in the publishing house of paulist brothers in Lviv - 10.000 copies (war)

The Society of Saint Paul the Apostle is especially involved in proclaiming the Good News via the media. Among other things they publish books and journals and are likewise involved in the radio, TV and Internet apostolate, as well as producing audiovisual media.

The Paulists are also working in Ukraine. In this time of war they have realised how great the need – not only the material but also the spiritual need – of the people is. And so they have compiled a small book, entitled „The Bible – Words to strengthen Souls“. It contains short Bible quotations, universally valid and accessible to everyone – not only believing Catholics or Christians of other denominations, but also to people without a faith who are perhaps searching for spiritual meaning. Especially now, at a time when people are facing death, destruction and unbearable suffering, the question of God‘s presence has been awakened in many who have hitherto not thought about it.

Thanks to our generous benefactors, we were able to donate funds for copies of this book to be printed. Father Mariusz Krawiec has written to thank us:

“The book has been printed and given out to the refugees and to the handful of people who have stayed on in the bombed out towns and cities in East Ukraine. We believe that God will give consolation and hope through his Word, and help people to overcome the tragedy of war. We wish you all the best and we remember all our benefactors in our prayers.”



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