Fr. Mateusz, a Ukrainian priest who stays with his parishioners and instills confidence in them

The situation in Kiev is getting worse and worse . At this time, a very long military convoy, more than 60 kilometers long, is heading towards the Ukrainian capital. As the city comes under intensifying fire, priests and their parishioners hold out in bunkers and bomb shelters.

In many bunkers and shelters, the circumstances are difficult due to lack of space, fear and deprivation, says Fr. Mateusz: “They tell me that there is a lot of anger and despair, a lot of crying and sadness. It is a state of mind that some spread to others. Instead, between us, the atmosphere is somewhat different. We pray together every day and adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament ”.

Every night Fr. Mateusz and his small community spend hours in Eucharistic adoration. This gives them a lot of strength, the priest tells us:

“I thought about the plans that God has for us, for this parish, for the faithful and for Ukraine. If that can become a seed, a seed of hope and faith for other people, we are happy”.

Parishioners of the Saint Anthony Parish in Kiev who take refuge elsewhere can currently follow the Holy Mass through various online broadcasts. The parish priest Mateusz tries to encourage people through his homilies. “We are pastors of all and every day we serve more people. God really is with us . If we manage to do what is necessary – shopping, organizing food – we feel safe. We persevere in prayer with our brothers and sisters, praying for peace .”

“We appreciate all the help and support that comes to us from all over the world and the words of encouragement. We thank everyone who prays for us and supports the aid projects for Ukraine’s intentions.”

Especially now, in the midst of the conflict in their country, the faithful of Ukraine do not stop praying for peace. The priests and religious who remain with them depend on the generosity of the people to continue.

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